What Awake’s Clients Say

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Below are testimonials from attendees of Awake workshops

A rich and well-paced workshop the provided many tools, tips and techniques to help create sustainable behaviour

Gordon Hollonds, Customer Strategy Manager

The demand for environmental advice from staff members within the company I work for can be so great that I end up being very solution-focused. This workshop helped me give thought to how I communicate with staff to ensure buy-in and behavioural change

Di Paton, Communications Manager-Environmental
Air New Zealand

Pulled together a good range of tools & research that can be applied in life, work and home. Helped me to be more effective at engaging others in eco-actions

Tony Moore, Principal Advisor-Sustainability
Christchurch City Council

The workshop provided me with some really useful tools to inject into our behaviour change programmes

Barnaby Smith, Sustainable Business Advisor
Environment Waikato

Thank you for the information on creating new habits. I will review the 20 target behaviours we have identified in our new programme, I think it could help with some of them quite a bit

Jacob Rawls, Sustainable Homes Manager

Tim's style and manner enabled a comfortable and safe environment for our group

Janet Phillips, Community Facilitator
Castlemaine 500

A sound, simple and useful introduction to behaviour change techniques.

Jackie Fitchman, Communications Advisor
Environment Waikato

Very empowering, practical skills in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere

Kate Alexander
Canterbury University

have learned a lot about how to motivate people to change for sustainable outcomes

Melbourne workshop participant

A great selection of practical tools to help with behaviour change programme planning and development

Trish Kirkland-Smith, Sustainable Environment Team Leader
North Shore City Council

Really enjoyed the practicality of the exercises and tools - readily applicable in any context

Russell Fisher, Director
Sustainability In Mind

I received tools, and an increased confidence to pursue my own practice of sustainability and help others in their quest to change.

Auckland Workshop Participant

I found the workshop very valuable. Will be able to action the learning from today.

Kerry Gosling
Education Team Leader, Environment Bay of Plenty

A good introduction to getting sustainable behaviours in place.

Esther Landells
Waste Educator, Cities of Marion, Holdfast & West Torrens

Provided me with new methods and ideas to help other people understand sustainability as well as understand their hesitations.  Also helped me put together an action plan to address unsustainable behaviours that have bothered me for a while.

Gordon Young
Industry Advisor, Australian Industry Group

The workshop challenged my thinking and provided a good basis and tools to work from for effecting behaviour changes personally, in the workplace, and community

Lyne Johnson
Community Development Advisor, Marlborough District Council

I can see clearly now!  Wow, who knew persuading people could be so achievable. Really feel I am leaving today with some tangible tools to really make a difference.

Christine Watson
Communication Executive, Hamilton City Council

Very informative, useful workshop that leaves me with tools I can use to be a more effective sustainability leader

Ron Eckman
Downtown Eco-Therapy

I will be using the tools from todays workshop to enhance the sustainability project in my workplace – they are practical and hopefully effective

Anne-Marie Woolley
Health Promoter, Toi Te Ora-Public Health, Tauranga

A well constructed approach to bringing people on board the sustainability waka.

Ken Ross
Community Development Advisor, Far North District Council

The workshop cemented previous behavioural change learning and provided the terminology for concepts that I am aware of, but didn’t have the label.

Anne McLean
Sustainable Transport Officer, Hobson Bay City Council

It was great to receive some practical advice on how values are an important component to understanding how behaviours can be changed

Environmental Educator

Refreshing to find that sustainability principles can be delivered by addressing personal values and behaviours, rather than using yet more scientific data.

Duncan Cunningham

Great workshop.  Good balance of theory with participatory exercises and discussions. Some valuable tools and techniques

Matthew Minoprio
Permaculture Designer

Very good experience, practical knowledge when dealing with others in day to day life.

Sara Emery
Corporate Sustainability, North Shore City Council

Thanks for a very stimulating and interesting workshop and for some very useful, practical tools

Wellington workshop participant

I really enjoyed this workshop. The skills I learned today about how to communicate sustainability effectively will help in both my work and personal life.

Gillian Stein
Graduate, Masterton

I gained some valuable tools to approach people with – to consult and overcome barriers and introduce behaviours which are in line with their values.

Shona Walter
Sustainability Intern, University of Canterbury Students Association

This workshop provided insights into how to engage with stakeholders and move them towards sustainability.

Manuel Seidel
Director/Consultant, KBS Environmental Business Solutions

This workshop was very informative and has provided an excellent model for engaging individuals in behaviour change.

Carrie Radzevicius
Project Officer, Travelsmart, DTEI South Australia

The workshop provides you with simple practical tools to engage around sustainability and behaviour change.

Cathy Crawley
Leader, Arup Sustainability, Brisbane

I found the experience valuable in reigniting my passion and belief that I can effect change by taking responsibility myself. Also gathered valuable tools and concepts which resonate with me a lot more from this experiential format than text and seminar.

Briony Pomplun
Environment Manager, Operations, SunWater

A useful, challenging and worthwhile workshop. It will give me lots of new techniques and ideas to follow up.

Tracy Fulton
Project Officer, Sustainability, City of Okaparinga

An extremely good step by step approach to tackling the challenge of taking sustainability to the wider community.

Andrew Marsh
SCSA, Adelaide

This has been a really valuable workshop. I've learnt how to communicate better with people to encourage sustainable behaviour change, and I've also learnt a lot about my own values and attitudes.

Georgia Roberts
Student, Environmental Campaigner, Adelaide

The workshop was well run, informative and relaxed in manner, while engaging.

Amanda Morahan
Waste Education Officer, Penrith City Council

I valued the psychologists perspective on behaviour change. A wonderful, thought provoking experience. If you are a sustainability professional and you want to do your thing better, this is the workshop for you.

Grahame Collier
Director, T Issues Consultancy

Very useful and practical. It is often hard to convert theory into practice - and make it easy to do. Empowering.

Kate Ravich
Director, Educator and Biodiversity Consultant, Birds Australia

Great networking with other interested people. Value from understanding best ways to approach behaviour change for sustainability. Great facilitator.

A Rojas
Heritage Officer, Department of Planning, Parramatta

A well organised and interesting workshop with a focus on interactive learning. I enjoyed it a lot - thanks!

Leonie Maddigan
Education for sustainability officer, Warringah Council

It was a very valuable workshop as it allowed great insight into the barriers council sustainability officers face in trying to educate other staff in the area of sustainability.
The Power/Responsibility graph was fantastic and will definitely be used in future focus group work with council staff.

Sydney Workshop Participant

Great for exploring and really thinking about communication styles and psychology behind environmental communication. Also really good to turn the examples and exercises back on us and our personal experiences.

Amanda Watson
Waste Education and Support Officer, Hornsby Shire Council

This workshop helped me to practice improved ways of communicating sustainability.

Aimee Freimanis
Education Coordinator, Birds Australia

Loved working with such a passionate bunch of individuals. All have great ideas and helpful with each others barriers to come up with plans and solutions to take away to try out. Very inspirational!

Annie Gordon
Team Leader, Barnados, Waitakere

I was hoping to gain insights into fostering sustainable behaviour - and I did! But more importantly I now have some understanding and tools for other aspects of my work. Thank you.

Auckland Workshop Participant

Thanks for some great new tools and ways of thinking to go into my toolbox for sustainable behaviour change. I have some great ideas both for myself at home and my work. Great day, good pace, and very inspirational.

Liz Woodward
Events Coordinator, Northland Regional Council

Tim's workshop was thought-provoking. It was helpful to re-think how we approach behaviour change.

Susie Trinh
Sustainable Homes Co Manager, Ecomatters, Waitakere City

It gave me strategies to purposefully apply to the challenges involved in influencing people to make smart environmental choices.

Marian Jones
Environmental Educator, Budding Potential, Auckland

A snapshot workshop giving insight into how to maximise behaviour change when developing projects.

Transport Planner, North Shore City Council, Auckland

Easy to use tools with a wide application - big and small projects.

Auckland Workshop Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It has provided me with key tools that I can implement in my programmes. The psychological factors often create concrete walls to the uptake of sustainable practices - this workshop has provided a toolbox to take down the barriers.

Amber Uren
Sustainable Travel Facilitator, Hamilton City Council

I learned new techniques to interact with others to promote adopting pro-sustainability behaviours, and I look forward to implementing them.

Emily Harris
Lawyer. Auckland

Enjoyed looking at the psychological aspects of behaviour change and enjoyed the information and tools around moving people from automatic to creative.

Lisa Gossage
Communications - Travel and Behaviour Change, North Shore City Council

Tim gave some very interesting insights into why people do what they do and how, with some simple tools, we can find effective ways to influence people to be more sustainable.

Auckland Workshop Participant

Good to learn new motivations and behaviour change techniques. Made me think carefully about how to influence people to be sustainable.

Tim Brandenburg
Area Manager, Department of Conservation, Warkworth, New Zealand

I enjoyed this workshop. The psychology of peoples behaviour was interesting. The value I received with regard to remembering that peoples values and behaviour patterns are all different and we need to approach teaching behaviour from this aspects was useful.

Pamela Chivers
Department of Conservation, New Zealand

Great meeting and hearing discussion from a great bunch of motivated, knowledgeable people. Good information/psychology principles.

Auckland Workshop Participant

This workshop covered exactly what I wanted and needed to know to enable me to help plan and develop a new pilot project on "Naturally Smarter Homes".

Barb Cooper
Real Estate Sales, Barfoot and Thompson, Albany, NZ

Great bunch of participants. Open discussion style offered up creative solutions to problems/barriers.

Cath Broad
Waste Strategy Officer, Dunedin City Council

Great framework for encouraging behavioural change within organisations.

Ella Lawton
Practitioner, Otago Polytech, Dunedin

Provided me with tools and insights to challenge me to review how I am approaching my sustainability project.

Dunedin Workshop Participant

Good workshop, meeting other people who think very similar and being able to pool ideas.

Helen James
Conservation Officer, Dept of Conservation, NZ

This workshop has collected, verbalised and defined many of the issues surrounding sustainability practice. Placing these issues against a simple background of human behaviour and psychology allows them to be appraised and potentially influenced in the right direction.

Richard Struthers
Contracts Manager, Dept of Conservation, NZ

Very useful. Material is very well organised, and 6 hours very well utilised for maximum benefit.

Paul Bruce
Regional Councillor, Greater Wellington, NZ

Good connections with like-minded people. Some good ideas for implementing change.

Facilitator, Enviroschools

The workshop has given me a good insight into the motivating factors in behaviour and ways to get lasting change.

Elena Wrelton
Information Officer, Dev-Zone, Wellington

Tim, thank you, I have been able to deepen my understanding of the great number of tool available through psychology of behaviour - that information and education is just not enough!

Marion Thomson
Environment Centre Coordinator, Sustaining Hawkes Bay Trust

I've come away with a lot of tools and ways of getting the message out there, and have gained knowledge and confidence to do so.

Heather Scherger
Volunteer, Environment Centre, Hastings, NZ

It will assist me with the final planning for my Working Greener staff behavioural change program, ensuring I implement a correct approach and evaluate

Sally Welbourn
Sustainability Officer, Bayside Council

A step-by-step approach has given me a much broader understanding on how to communicate more effectively and encourage sustainable action. It seems less overwhelming now. Thank you!

Cindianne Slorach
Melbourne workshop attendee

Luckily for me the message delivered via the workshop was simple, dealing with the building blocks. I tend to remember this sort of thing well, meaning I actually have something tangible and meaningful to take away. Thanks Tim

Karl Wood
Operations Manager, Royal Children's Hospital

Well presented in an interesting, relaxed style.

J. Dunn
Monash Medical Centre

Stimulating presentation of information. Robust discussion and sharing of engaged people from different sectors of the health system

Rosalind Jakob
Austin Health