Building A Culture Of Sustainability

“Practical approaches for addressing the cultural aspects of organisational change; lots of opportunity for participants to share their stories and connect with each other. Valuable workshop for those working to effect change who are stuck, lacking focus or facing obstacles”
Sharon Ede, Senior Advisor, Zero Waste South Australia

“With a strong culture of sustainability established in our organisation, the workshop provided great insight in to where to next and taking next steps”
Philip Wells, Sustainability Coordinator Adelaide Convention Centre

“Positive, affirming workshop. Real tools provided to influence change. Presented in a way that different people from different organisations could relate to – thank you!”
Tuesday Heather, Environment Officer,  Shellharbour Council


Speak to anyone with the job of creating a sustainable organisation and you are likely to hear them say that “engaging people is the hardest part”.

This brand new workshop is for those people who are seeking to embed sustainability in the culture of their organisation.

What makes the Building A Culture Of Sustainability workshop unique is the exclusive focus on culture. Rather than a checklist of the steps an organisation needs to take to lower its carbon footprint, for instance, this workshop is all about empowering and engaging employees to make sustainability part of the organisations DNA.

Drawing on the key psychological and organisational enablers of a culture of sustainability, attendees of this workshop learn about:

  • The defining elements of a culture of sustainability
  • The 5 key individual enablers required for employees to engage in sustainability
  • The 8 essential organisational enablers which need to be developed and aligned to support employee engagement in sustainability
  • Tools and techniques for developing and supporting the enablers
  • Skills and resources for measuring and tracking the enablers
  • Steps for developing a culture of sustainability, including developing a framework, aligning processes and engaging staff

Rich with research findings, case studies and practical advice, this workshop is the result of extensive research into what works when seeking to develop an organisation which lives and breathes sustainability.

As with all Awake workshops, the format is interactive, experiential and facilitates sharing between attendees.

A flyer for the workshop can be downloaded here

This workshop can also be run in-house. If you would like to consider hosting a workshop through your organisation or association, please contact Awake to discuss.