Awake provides consulting services to guide your organisation along every step of the journey to embed a culture of sustainability. Services include:

Design and Implementation of Engagement and Behaviour Change Programs

As an expert in the assessment and development of sustainable behaviours, Awake is able to assist in the design and implementation of change programs.  The application of psychological principles maximises the chance that the intervention will result in meaningful behaviour change.  Whether you wish to review an existing program, or get a psychological viewpoint on a future one, Awake is happy to work with you to get the best result.

Development of Sustainability Frameworks and Strategies

Awake is experienced in supporting teams and organisations with the development of their vision, values, purpose and strategies. It is particularly important to clarify, communicate and align these elements within groups which are embarking on a journey to inspire sustainable action.

Facilitation of Sustainability Teams

Tim Cotter, the principal of Awake, is a trained and experienced facilitator, coach and psychologist.  From design of the organisation’s sustainability vision, through to engaging and developing green teams, Awake can support your team to ensure they are inspired and effective in driving sustainable change.