Does you organisation have a culture of sustainability?

Does you organisation have a culture of sustainability?

1.   Does your target audience care about sustainability?

2.    Do they think it is their responsibility to do something?

3.    Do they know what they can do to change?

4.    Do they have the skills and tools to change?

5.    From the options above, maybe (1) and (2) apply, but not (3) and (4)? Or (1) and (4), but not (2) & (3)?….

The first step in implementing change is to know where people are now.

A lot of time, money and effort is wasted by well-intentioned programs which neglect to perform any kind of diagnostic up front.  For instance, it is no good providing people with the tools to make changes if they are not engaged in the topic in the first place. Alternatively, if people are fully committed to sustainable change, but lack the resources to do it, the last thing they want to hear is a lecture about how serious global warming is going to be!

Awake provides assessment and research services at an individual and group level to evaluate various human factors relating to sustainability, such as

  • Current levels of awareness of sustainability issues
  • Degree of engagement and responsibility
  • The level of perceived control and power to act
  • The degree to which a group has a “sustainability culture”
  • Alignment with an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
  • Views and preferences for proposed sustainability initiatives

Customised:  Awake is able to customise an assessment approach which ensures that sustainability efforts are targeted effectively, and incorporate a realistic view of where the intended audience is at.

Psychology-based: Through the use of well-researched and validated psychological principles, Awake is able to ensure the right questions are being asked to uncover characteristics, beliefs and attitudes towards sustainability.

Consultative: As specialists in developing sustainability behaviours, Awake provides advice and consultation based on the outcomes of sustainability assessments, and if appropriate, can assist you in the implementation of the next steps.

Convenient: Awake provides easy-to-use online assessment tools to quickly and conveniently gather sustainability data from a wide sample of people.  Where a more in-depth approach is required, Awake is able to design and facilitate focus groups which drill down to the real issues.

Worldwide: Awake is experienced and equipped for implementing assessments anywhere in the world, through a variety of techniques.