Sustainability Culture Indicator

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The Sustainability Culture Indicator (SCI) is an employee survey which measures the extent to which sustainability is embedded within the culture of an organisation.

By using the SCI to evaluate the level of sustainable thinking and practices in the organisation, it is possible to:

  • Set a baseline against which efforts to further embed sustainability can be evaluated
  • Benchmark your sustainability engagement against other leading global organisations
  • Target efforts and resources to address the key barriers which prevent your people from embracing sustainability
  • Identify opportunities to build on current levels of sustainability commitment and engagement
  • Evaluate the impact of sustainability initiatives

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Watch a 3 minute video clip explaining the SCI and how it works.

What does the SCI measure?

The SCI is based on extensive research into the elements which define a culture of sustainability.

Each of the organisational enablers measured are critical for creating an environment which supports people to embrace sustainability.

The individual enablers in the SCI are unique to this tool, and based on research into the psychological and attitudinal predictors of sustainable behaviour. High levels of these enablers is related to strong engagement with sustainability and more frequently performed sustainable behaviours.

As a result, the output of the SCI allows you to identify which aspects of the organisation are supporting a culture of sustainability, and which aspects are holding you back.

Fast Facts About The SCI

  • 50-item web-based survey which can be completed by all of your employees, or a representative sample.
  • 8 minutes average completion time
  • Customisable – we can make it more specific to your organisation, or even brand it for you.
  • Awake supports the entire survey process, including questionnaire customisation, online survey delivery, analysis, reporting and presentation of results.
Attention Sustainability Consultants!
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