Case Studies

Some of the many clients Awake has supported since 2005


Embedding sustainability in FEMSA (Mexico)

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FEMSA is a Mexican multinational beverage and retail company employing 250,000 staff in ten countries. The SCI was delivered across the company’s 5 major business units, with 10,000 employees completing the survey. Awake was later invited to deliver workshops in 3 Mexican cities, to support staff to create action plans and strategies based on the SCI results, as well as with behaviour change and engagement techniques.

“Tim delivered customized workshops to better understand our SCI results and how to act on them. If you want to deepen on matters of your organization sustainability culture, Tim’s knowledge and tools will be a very valuable resource”.

Abiel Guerra, Sustainability – Culture of Lawfulness Program Manager


Surveying recycling enablers in the community at Melton City Council

The Sustainability Culture Model has now been adapted for use in the community. Just like employees of organisations, residents of communities also need both internal (psychological/attitudinal) enablers and external enablers (support mechanisms) in order to engage in sustainability-related actions. Melton City Council recently applied a modified community version of the SCI model on two occasions to better understand attitudes towards recycling and to inform recycling engagement efforts.

“The survey and audit provided us with a reality-based foundation to create a video, using local community members to address key recycling messages and to clarify areas of confusion (such as the relevance of the ‘recycling number’ on containers, and soft versus hard plastics). We have recently also commenced a municipality-wide bin audit, and our new-found knowledge of motivators and obstacles will again be useful when it comes time to follow-up with individual properties.” 

Sharon Vis, Resource Educator, Waste Services


Measuring the sustainability culture in staff and students at University of Tasmania

UTAS has made a concerted and ongoing effort to embed sustainability in the staff and student bodies over several years. The university employed the SCI for both its staff sustainability survey, and to form the basis of its student survey.

“The surveys were incredibly useful in discovering our community’s understanding of what we have accomplished and what we need to focus on in the future.  In addition, the ability to compare our results to other organisations and increasingly with other tertiary education institutions has been valuable in gaining further institutional understanding of, and support for, embedding sustainability across all our activity areas.”

Corey Peterson, Sustainability Manager


Measuring sustainability in the culture of Fujitsu

Fujitsu recently implemented the Sustainability Culture Indicator in 7 of their Global Delivery Centre’s in countries as diverse as Russia, Poland and Costa Rica. Using the SCI will allow Fujitsu to track the impact of their sustainability engagement efforts, compare between regions and delivery centres, and better plan their future sustainability endeavours.


Measuring sustainability in the culture of Macquarie University

As a leader in sustainability in the higher education sector, Macquarie University wanted to measure the embeddedness of sustainability in their staff culture. The SCI was implemented in order to assist with targeting and evaluating engagement efforts.

“The Sustainability Culture Survey has provided a better understanding of staff
attitudes toward sustainability, and what factors are both helping and hindering
the University to achieve its sustainability outcomes.The survey results have also provided the Sustainability team with valuable insights and information to move forward.”

Leanne Denby, Director of Sustainability


Tracking sustainability in the culture of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

DEWA is highly committed to its overall corporate vision of “A sustainable innovative world-class utility”, has been recognised for its leadership in sustainability with numerous international awards, and was the first organisation in the Middle East to complete the SCI in 2014. Follow-up SCI deliveries in 2015 and 2016 showed that sustainability is a strong part of the DEWA culture, and that the organisation’s efforts to continue educating and engaging staff for sustainability is having a positive impact. See the media coverage here.


Measuring sustainability in the culture of Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council was updating its sustainability strategy and wanted to ensure that the voice of the staff was heard as part of the process. The council was also keen to establish a baseline of sustainability engagement in order to gauge the impact of future activities.

“We met these objectives and more through the SCI… I would recommend Tim (and Awake) to any organisation that want to have a valid survey undertaken that specifically measures attitudes, behaviour and knowledge of sustainability.  If you really want to improve your workforce’s sustainability profile, the results of the survey will allow you to address barriers and promote the benefits of sustainability”

Chris Harle, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator


Measuring sustainability in the culture of Frankston City Council

Frankston City Council wanted an internal sustainability metric to help inform and track their sustainability plans over the coming years. Awake customised and delivered the SCI to support this endeavour, while leading facilitated discussions with the Executive Team to gain support for sustainability engagement actions.

“Tim was approachable, responsive and flexible in tailoring the survey to our needs. He then prepared an excellent and thorough report on the results and was able to present this to our senior management team in a constructive and positive way… gives us a solid base for improving our processes and facilities and encouraging behaviour change to start embedding sustainability into our culture, regardless of people’s job descriptions”

Debbie Coffey, Environmental Education Officer

Measuring sustainability in the culture of City of Port Phillip

With a strong commitment to embedding sustainability in the culture of the organisation, City of Port Phillip implemented the SCI to gauge where their people were currently at, and what they needed to support them to further integrate sustainability in their decisions and actions.

“The information gathered has been very useful and has assisted us to develop a process of embedding sustainability throughout the organisation”

Renae Walton, Senior Project Manager Climate Adaptation & Sustainability

Measuring sustainability in the culture of Moonee Valley schools

Awake worked with Moonee Valley Council in Melbourne to pilot a unique approach to supporting school sustainability engagement. An adapted version of the SCI was implemented in 7 schools in order to better target their engagement efforts and understand drivers and barriers to sustainability adoption within school staff.

“The SCI survey has provided useful insight into schools sustainability drivers and challenges that will allow council to better target programs moving forward”

Stephanie Mitten, Sustainability Officer

Pre-relocation survey for Ku-ring-gai Council

Ku-ring-gai Council planned an office relocation in 2015 and implemented a customised SCI in order to get a baseline of the enablers of sustainability within the organisation. This baseline would inform the priorities for ensuring the new office was well designed to support sustainability engagement, as well as forming the basis for a later evaluation of the impact of the relocation on sustainability enablers.

“an excellent baseline to measure the impact of future activities to embed sustainability in Council. I intend to conduct the same survey to measure the impact of our revised Corporate Sustainability Action Plan, which was launched six months ago.
I would highly recommend the Awake survey.”

Marnie Kikken, Manager Environment and Sustainability

Re-measuring sustainability in the culture of Waikato Regional Council

5 years on from conducting a measure of staff attitudes and enablers for sustainability, Awake was invited to deliver the SCI for WRC (formerly Environment Waikato).

The present SCI model was applied, with results compared with those items which were included in the 2009 survey, as well as external council and general benchmarks.

“Most useful in the results were some of the recommendations, a number of which we will be carrying out e.g. Leadership training for Management. The results were provided in good time, were clear and understandable as were the recommendations. I was extremely happy to find someone who delivers a high quality product and provides a stress free experience. We will be using Awake for subsequent surveys over the forthcoming years.”

Anna D’Arcy, Business/Corporate Sustainability Advisor

Re-measuring sustainability in the culture of Port of Melbourne Corporation

As part of the development of a Sustainability Framework in 2012-13, Awake conducted the SCI to measure the extent to which sustainability was embedded in the culture of PoMC. In 2014, the SCI was implemented again, in order to evaluate the impact of the framework, and to provide direction for future sustainability initiatives.

The results demonstrated that the framework has had a strong impact on sustainability within PoMC, with statistically significant changes to several key enablers which were targeted after the initial development of the framework.

“Awake provided advice on opportunities for improvement based on findings and understanding of PoMC business processes and engagement techniques which resulted in increased staff interest in sustainability. A comprehensive report was also submitted by Tim, which articulated the results in a clear and concise manner.”

Ulrich Storch, Senior Environmental Advisor

Measuring sustainability in the culture of Bayside City Council

To support Bayside’s sustainability engagement program, Working Greener, the SCI was implemented with the purpose of setting an engagement baseline, as well as providing input into the priorities for the program. The report was supported by a facilitated discussion of results with the sustainability team.

“In particular the survey has identified two key areas we can influence to make the biggest changes in assisting our organisation to achieve our environmental objectives and enabling staff to act sustainably. Tim has been a great support through the survey process especially with engaging others with the results and the process to embed them within the organisation.”

Sally Welbourn
Sustainability Officer
Environmental Sustainability & Open Space

Measuring sustainability in the culture of College of Estate Management (UK)

CEM is embarking on a sustainability engagement initiative, and wanted to get a baseline of staff attitudes and enablers. The SCI was implemented, with the results providing a focal point for designing future engagement activities.

“The tool proved very popular with a 90% return rate, and has enabled us to establish a bench mark for the organisation in terms of staff commitment, existing levels of organisational support as well as identifying several clear opportunities for immediate improvement. We are keen to retake the survey to monitor progress in 12 months’ time.”

Stephen Bickell BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS, CEM Tutor

Measuring sustainability in the culture of Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark is acknowledged as a global leader in corporate sustainability, with ambitious goals and strong leadership commitment to sustainability innovation in particular.

Awake was engaged in early 2013 to assist Kimberly Clark in Australia and New Zealand to measure the extent to which sustainability is embedded in the culture, with the purpose of gauging staff attitudes and identifying key priorities for sustainability engagement.

A customised version of Awake’s SCI tool was implemented, incorporating a particular focus on Kimberly Clark’s community initiatives.

The results have assisted the organisation with their sustainability planning and given clear direction for future activities to further engage staff in sustainability initiatives.

“The results of the survey provided invaluable insight into the extent to which sustainability is embedded in KCANZ’s culture. This will provide us with clear direction and a strong basis on which to plan our future sustainability efforts”

Jacquie Fegent-McGeachie, Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

Developing a Sustainability Framework with Port of Melbourne Corporation

Awake was engaged through a tender process to act as an external sustainability advisor supporting the development of a sustainability framework at Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC). The aim of the framework was to take PoMC’s current work in sustainability to a level that redefines how the organisation values and accounts for the ecological, social and economic systems in which it operates.

Awake designed and facilitated workshops for all PoMC employees to provide input to the development of the framework. The current state of sustainability in PoMC was evaluated through the workshops, accompanied by interviews with key staff and the implementation of Awake’s unique Sustainability Culture Indicator. Awake then designed and facilitated sessions with PoMC’s Sustainability Working Group to develop the sustainability vision and strategies for the organisation.

A key to the success of this project was the strong emphasis on employee involvement and engagement throughout the development of the sustainability framework.

“The information provided from Awake facilitated workshops has produced a sustainability vision that has resonated strongly across the organisation and reflects the ideas of staff.  The Awake facilitated workshops provided a strong foundation for initiating our sustainability behaviour change journey.”

Shannon Pedrotti, Manager, Sustainability

Measuring sustainability in the culture of Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is a recognised leader in sustainability, with a vision of “Working together to ensure a sustainable water future”.

Awake was engaged to undertake a project aimed at measuring the extent to which sustainability is embedded in the Melbourne Water culture.  The purpose of the project was to create a baseline measure, evaluate the impact of future sustainability activities, and inform an organisational sustainability KPI.

A literature review was undertaken, in order to identify world best practice in measuring sustainability in the organisational culture. The review concluded that no really effective model existed for measuring the cultural elements of sustainability, therefore Awake designed such a model, measuring the organisational and individual enablers of sustainability.

Application of the model involved delivery of an employee survey, and interviews with key stakeholders and leaders of the organisation.  A comprehensive report was presented, evaluating the level of sustainability focus in the culture, with recommendations for enhancement of this focus.

“Tim Cotter’s sustainability mindset measurement for Melbourne Water has taken the metrics of behaviour change to a new level: the in-depth study has been a first of its kind that mirrors our people’s thinking, including reflection of their values and beliefs, not just perceived behaviours.

 The survey has given us an invaluable in-depth perspective of how truly committed our people are and thus enabled us to plan a much more focused behaviour change plan looking forward; it’s become our Flagship research example that we have since shared with the likes of the UN for instance.”

Carol Jadraque,  Team Leader, Sustainability

Embedding sustainability in the culture of Environment Waikato (Waikato Regional Council)

Environment Waikato is the regional council for the Waikato region in the North Island of New Zealand.  The organisation sought to measure the attitudes of staff towards sustainability, in order to identify where to focus efforts to promote sustainability.

Awake assisted the Environment Waikato to develop a survey which measured the key drivers of sustainability, and the behaviours in which people were engaged at work and outside of work. A considerable emphasis was placed on the psychological drivers of sustainability, such as responsibility, power and control.

Analysis and reporting was undertaken by Awake, with the results being used within the organisation to inform decisions about future sustainability activities.

Subsequently Awake has assisted with the design of a workshop to develop sustainability leadership and engagement within Environment Waikato’s employees. 

“The results of the survey have provided powerful information to take to our senior management and demonstrate to them that sustainability is important to our employees. I was impressed with Tim’s professional approach to this work and would not hesitate to recommend his services other organisations”

See the full testimonial from Environment Waikato.

Measuring sustainability attitudes and barriers for Waterworks Valley Community Climate Connect Project

Waterworks Valley is a community in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. As part of a project to encourage sustainable behaviours in the home, a major online survey was undertaken to measure levels of sustainability drivers, as well as the barriers which people perceive to undertaking pro-environmental behaviours.

Awake assisted the Waterworks Valley team in the design of the survey, in particular identifying the psychological drivers of sustainability, and the potential barriers which might prevent people from undertaking sustainable behaviours. As a result, the project team has been able to draw on the insights from the survey when determining the most effective ways to encourage sustainable behaviours in the community.

See the testimonial from Waterworks Valley.