The intention of Awake is to be a leading provider of psychology-based resources for embedding sustainability in the culture of organisations and communities.

Awake is the consulting business of Tim Cotter, an environmental and organisational psychologist. Born and raised in New Zealand, he has lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia since 2002. Tim Cotter

Tim started out in the early 1990’s applying psychology to organisations, through psychometric assessments, organisational surveys, and facilitating culture change and values development. Meanwhile, he had a growing awareness that sustainability was the biggest change project the world needed, and that psychology would need to be a significant contributor.

In 2005, Awake was born, to provide insight and resources for applying psychology to sustainability. In the years since, Tim has delivered projects, workshops and consulting services to hundreds of sustainability professionals and dozens of organisations throughout the world.

With a passion for translating psychological research into accessible, practical concepts, Tim speaks and writes prolifically on the topic, with over 1500 sustainability professionals subscribing to his monthly newsletter, Wake-Up Call.

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