Special Offer for AASHE Members – 25% Discount on SCI

Some of the many current and past organizations who have used the SCI

The new STARS Technical Manual 2.1 now includes the credit EN6: Assessing Sustainability Culture.

Credit EN6: "Assessing Sustainability Culture" from the STARS Technical Manual 2.1

Credit EN6: “Assessing Sustainability Culture” from the STARS Technical Manual 2.1

Developed in 2011 and since used in dozens of organizations around the world, the Sustainability Culture Indicator is a ready-made online survey for measuring the key elements of sustainability in organizational culture.

Download a sample SCI report here.

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SCI – key facts

  • Measures both:
    • Internal enablers – your people’s psychological and attitudinal drivers of sustainability e.g. sustainability knowledge, perceived control
    • External enablers – the support mechanisms provided by the organization to encourage sustainable action e.g. leadership, facilities
  • Survey both staff and students – with slight variations for each group
  • Customizable to your institution’s needs
  • Benchmark your results against other organizations
  • 50-item online survey, takes approx. 8 minutes
  • Report includes recommended priority actions and links to resources and best practice

Why use the SCI?

  • Evaluate the impact of your sustainability efforts
  • Identify barriers to the uptake of sustainability
  • Target your efforts and resources for better results
  • Benchmark how embedded sustainability is in your culture compared to other organizations
  • Gain the new STARS credit EN6: Assessing Sustainability Culture (subject to AASHE approval)

What will it cost with the 25% discount?

Member institutions of  AASHE can now receive a 25% discount on implementation of the SCI.

Implementing the SCI usually costs $5000-$7000 US dollars. With a 25% discount, the price for AASHE members is about $3,750-$5,250. The final amount will depend on whether you wish to survey both students and staff, and the size and complexity of your institution. A firm quote will be provided once these details have been confirmed. The cost includes

  • Customizing the SCI to your needs
  • Developing and distributing the online survey forms
  • Analysis and reporting
  • A one-hour video presentation of results

Next Steps

To enquire about the SCI, simply email info@awake.com.au or fill out the form below and we can discuss further details. As a first step, we can set up a phone/Skype chat. Awake is based in Australia, but supports delivery of the SCI all over the world.

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